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UK UWMN 1993 Publications

Beaumont, W. R. C. (1993) Acid Waters Monitoring 1992 Report on Fish Studies. 1-18. Institute of Freshwater Ecology, Dorset.

Juggins, S., Shaw, C., Patrick, S. T., Monteith, D. T., Beaumont, W. R. C. & Reed, J. (1993) The United Kingdom Acid Waters Monitoring Network Data Report for 1992-1993 (year 5). Report to the DoE and the DoE Northern Ireland. ENSIS Ltd, London.

Rose, N. L. (1993) An Assessment of the Potential of the United Kingdom Acid Waters Monitoring Network to Monitor the Impact of Atmospheric Trace metals and Persistent Organic Compounds on Freshwaters. 1-87. Environmental Change Research Centre, University College London, London. Research Papers No 9.

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