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UK UWMN 2008 Publications

Battarbee, R. W., Monteith, D. T., Juggins, S., Simpson, G. L., Shilland, E. M., Flower, R. J. & Kreiser, A. M. (2008) Assessing the accuracy of diatom-based transfer functions in defining reference pH conditions for acidified lakes in the United Kingdom. The Holocene, 18, 57-67.

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Rippey, B., Rose, N., Yang, H. D., Harrad, S., Robson, M. & Travers, S. (2008) An assessment of toxicity in profundal lake sediment due to deposition of heavy metals and persistent organic pollutants from the atmosphere. Environment International, 34, 345-356.

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WFD-UKTAG. (2008) UKTAG River Assessment Methods Macrophytes and Phytobenthos. Phytobenthos - Diatom Assessment for River Ecological Status (DARES). 1-20. Water Framework Directive - United Kingdom Advisory Group (WFD-UKTAG), SNIFFER, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Winterbottom, J. H. & Orton, S. E. (2008) United Kingdom Acid Waters Monitoring Network Invertebrate Survey. Twenty First Year: 2008. Summary of species identification and abundance. 1-12. School of Biological Sciences, Queen Mary University of London, London.

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