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UK UWMN 2018 Publications

Monteith D.T., Shilland E.M., Battarbee R.W., Hildrew A., J. & Malcolm I.A. (2018) A recent ecological history of Scoat & Burnmoor Tarns: a tale of two sensitivities. In: 4th Annual Cumbrian Lakes Research Forum, p. 26. Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Lancaster, Lancaster Environment Centre, Lancaster University.

Shilland E.M. & Monteith D.T. 30 years of aquatic macrophyte monitoring with the UK Upland Waters Monitoring Network. In: Scottish Freshwater Group 100th Meeting. 19/04/2018 2018.

Shilland E.M., Monteith D.T., Millidine K., Proudlock P., Malcolm I.A. & Norris D.A. (2018) UK Upland Waters Monitoring Network (UKUWMN) Llyn Llagi, Llyn Cwm Mynach, Afon Hafren and Afon Gwy Annual Summary Progress Report April 2017 - March 2018. Report to the Welsh Government and Natural Resources Wales. pp. 1-61. E.C.R.C. Ensis Ltd, University College London, London.

Waters C.N., Zalasiewicz J., Summerhayes C., Fairchild I.J., Rose N.L., Loader N.J., Shotyk W., Cearreta A., Head M.J., Syvitski J.P.M., Williams M., Wagreich M., Barnosky A.D., An Z., Leinfelder R., Jeandel C., Galuszka A., Ivar Do Sul J.A., Gradstein F., Steffen W., Mcneill J.R., Wing S., Poirier C. & Edgeworth M. (2018) Global Boundary Stratotype Section and Point (GSSP) for the Anthropocene Series: Where and how to look for potential candidates. Earth-Science Reviews, 178, 379-429.

Yang H.D., Shilland E., Appleby P.G., Rose N.L. & Battarbee R.W. (2018) Legacy Lead Stored in Catchments Is the Dominant Source for Lakes in the UK: Evidence from Atmospherically Derived Pb-210. Environmental Science & Technology, 52, 14070-14077.

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